1. Respect your run leaders and follow their instructions at all times – they are all volunteers (giving up their free time and their own run). The club runs couldn’t go ahead without them. They will have planned routes/training especially for you so give them a big thumbs up.

  2. Respect and acknowledge other road and footpath users. There might be a lot of us, but we don’t own the place – be aware of what’s around you, run single file if you have to, slow down if you have to, and please give a smile and a thank you to anyone who stops or moves out of the way for us.

  3. Be aware of the other runners in your group. Encourage and support each other and stop to assist or slow down if you need to.

  4. Be responsible for your own safety, and warn others if you think they may be at risk.

  5. If it’s dark, wear something bright – hi vis or reflective. You can’t be seen as well as you think you can if you’re just in normal gear, and there’s no safety in numbers alone.

  6. Be nice to your fellow club members whether you are running, Facebooking or socialising. Respect each others’ differences and abilities. Aggressive, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. In fact it is likely to result in disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the club.

  7. As a club Chorlton Runners is committed to promoting equality and diversity and valuing every individual, regardless of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief -We take seriously any complaints or allegations made and will challenge and, where necessary, discipline those who don’t follow this policy.

  8. Be supportive of other clubs and their achievements – many are achieving great things and have runners just like you.

  9. Play by race rules – whether it’s a UKA, FRA or an independent race, you must abide by their rules. If you break the rules you will bring disrepute on yourself and the club; it could even lead to a ban. DON’T SWAP RACE NUMBERS without the organiser’s permission.

  10. If anyone, or anything has concerned you….don’t keep it to yourself. Refer to the Club Constitution and speak to a member of the Committee or a run leader.

  11. Make life simple for your Committee – pay your dues on time, fill in any surveys, give us feedback, volunteer, and above all…Have Fun!

  12. Chorlton Runners Disclaimer
    • Chorlton Runners was founded in 2005 to provide an opportunity for like-minded runners to exercise together in a friendly and supportive environment. Today, our founding principles still apply. We exist to bring people together with a common interest – nothing more
    We’re all grown-ups here! Each runner must accept full and complete liability for their actions
    • All runners should consider the club an informal gathering of people who will run together in a loosely structured format
    • We are a collective and we welcome and respect every runner regardless of speed but it is your responsibility to decide whether you are fit and able to run
    • The club is operated and managed by a group of volunteers in their free time who can’t accept any responsibility for any events that occur at the club. These volunteers may or may not have taken any training/coaching
    • Whilst our volunteers and members are happy to share experience and knowledge as part of a friendly community, this should in no way be considered professional advice.
    • If you have any medical conditions that could affect you, it’s your responsibility to make the club aware of these
    • If you feel dizzy, faint or unwell during a session, it’s your responsibility to stop exercising and to notify other runners of this
    • If you stop mid-session we ask you to notify the session leader before going home or heading back.
    • The volunteer leading the session reserves the right to refuse to let you run with the group
    The minimum age that we can accept is 18
    • Dogs are not permitted on our runs

    • Any matters of concern should be directed to the committee (
    • Appropriate clothing and footwear for running must be. You should dress appropriately for the weather and for the lighting conditions.
    • During darker evening runs we recommend that you bring a hand held torch or wear a head torch together with reflective clothing.
    • During winter the Committee may cancel runs on safety reasons when the temperature falls below 0c
    • Chorlton Runners may use photographs and video footage uploaded to our Facebook site to share on social media and in other media. If you do not wish for this to happen please contact a member of the committee.