Our delightful CR award winners will be announced at our AGM on 27th Sept 2019

Affiliated members will have received an email in relation to voting. Nominees are below

N.B The Chorlton Spirit Award: Ben Ashworth Memorial. 

The nominees are not listed below but winner will be announced on the night

** Please note that only affiliated members are eligible for nominations **

Comeback Runner -The Comeback Runner award recognises a runner for achievements made following a period off from running. They will have demonstrated resilience and determination in overcoming a barrier which has prohibited them from running.

Sarah Clarke

Since having her baby, Sarah has improved tremendously! So many people have been mentioning how well she is doing at races! Well done Sarah for scoring a 5k PB less than 12 months after your son's Joseph's birth.

Steve Curley

He was out injured for almost a year but came back to claim a number of pbs plus a couple of club records

Stuart Holliday

Tried to nurse a hamstring through Marathon training but it sadly went in Barcelona but has now come back stronger

Jodie Etherson

Jodie has made a huge comeback since giving birth to her daughter Darcy. She’s persevered through mum duties, wife duties, and minor health setbacks. She’s shown up for as many runs as she could and started to sign up for races again. Then Trailblaster happened!!! She planned to get 15 miles under her belt as this would have been the furthest distance she would have covered but actually she managed 30! She continues to make progress post Darcy challenging parkrun pb’s each week she can. If that’s not a comeback....?. I’m a super proud friend and this is why I’m nominating her for comeback runner. 

Ian Jameson

A few years ago, Ian was an active and valued member of the club. Running fast, racing well and regularly leading groups on a Tuesday night.  He was always supporting others. It’s funny what you learn about people on long-runs, especially marathon training length long runs… I first got chatting to Ian on one of these runs, with hours to kill I was amazed to learn he’d not been able to run for a while as he’d had a heart operation last year which meant he’d had to defer his 2018 London Marathon place. Nevertheless, here he was back and running strong and he finished London in 3:53:22. A fantastic achievement for anyone, let alone someone who had major surgery less than a year ago! Well done Ian, you are an inspiration! A proper comeback.

Alex Buckley

I first met Alex at South Manchester Parkrun, where she was volunteering on crutches after tearing a tendon during the Liverpool Half (DNF) earlier in the year.
She joined CR a couple of months later (July 2018..?) having only run a handful of 5K and 10K's up to this point.
Alex was quite cautious about pushing on with her running - both in terms of distance and pace - after what had happened in Liverpool, however towards the end of 2018 Alex's confidence in her ability grew and In the first 3 months of 2019, she completed 2 HM's and a 20 mile run in the lead up to her first Marathon (Manchester) in April .
Since this point, Alex's running has gone from strength to strength. She qualified for the Welsh Castle's team, PB'd twice during the Sale Sizzlers and competed in a 5 person team at ThunderRun, running the equivalent of an ultra over the course of the event.
I think along the way she's chalked up around 65 Parkrun's as well and has recently signed up for Race to the Stones in 2020.
Is there any stopping this woman?!

Colin Hines

Colin has had to take some siginficant periods out of running which as we all know can be hard for us mentally. Colin is one of the more understated members of the club but his attitude and patience have been inspirational. When not being able to run, he has supported the club not only in supporting but also taking some amazing photos of our runners. He has come back slowly, running a lot with the black sheep, which has also built his strength. Watching Colin's comeback has been great to see. 

Volunteer award – The purpose of this award is to recognise that member who has exemplified the volunteer spirit throughout the year. Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to: run leading, run organising, meet-and-greets for new members, cake baker, facilitating teas and coffees, distributing equipment, social media support, committee/ sub-committee work, special events, race support, marshalling on behalf of the club

Val Brennan

Come rain, wind or baking heat Val Brennan is happy to bus out to Chorlton to run hills session (and track). Without her the best session the club runs wouldn't happen. The lessons she has taught me have made me a better runner. She also makes quite a good boogy man to get my kids to bed..

Stefanie RJ

Stef has done lots of run leading.  She is never too busy for you, always kind and lovely to new members.  She is a lovely lady and a great representative for the club

Caroline Crosswell 

Caroline is approaching her 100th run lead which is no small feat! She also organised the run leader group on top of this. We are extremely grateful for her time. 

Justin Hayes

Justin has led runs many times on Sunday mornings but also and mainly organised the Welsh Castles Relay that seems to be a pretty brain-aching affair to do but ultimately always ends as a fantastic event. He also this year replaced at the last minute a drop out on one of the hardest legs of the relay, leg 14. Bravo Justin!

Andy Baguley

I’d like to nominate Andy for the Volunteer Award as even though he’s had a tough year with injuries he’s got stuck in with lots of volunteering opportunities from marshalling and supporting at numerous races to organising club runs. I really admire how Andy has stayed involved with the club despite not being able to run much as I know how frustrating it is to be in that situation where you want to run but can’t. He’s a great support to the club, and although he doesn’t bake, he at least promises to try a bit of every cake at the bake sale! All joking aside, thank you for everything you do for the club Andy.

Becki Shepherd

Becki goes above and beyond to make sure that the volunteering aspects of the club are catered for, something so many of us in the club overlook and possibly think the fairies do it for us?! 
Becki worked closely with the Hard Yards Running Club on this year’s C25k programme- linking them and the committee.  Becki was also the lead volunteer co-ordinator for Manchester Marathon, recruiting and organising CR volunteers to help put on the running event. 
Perhaps most pertinently, Becki has been the key player in these very awards. She is always quick to showcase the efforts and achievements of others, but rarely herself. Consequently, this write-up has probably still missed huge chunks of her contribution and even those who already think of her as the club’s volunteering superwoman know only a fraction of the enthusiasm, organisation and creativity she commits to the whole volunteering process within Chorlton Runners. She is an amazing person, doing an awful lot behind the scenes and deserves huge thanks for what so often is a thankless task. Thank you Becki.

Danny McCarron

As a member of the run lead coordinator team, It would be remiss of me not to put Danny's name forward for the volunteer award. 40+ leads since December and counting - streets ahead of any other Run Leader over the same period.
Not only does Danny lead at pretty much every opportunity, he also offers longer runs on Sundays to support Marathon training - something I and many others in the club have certainly benefitted from. He has developed brilliant routes to keep me and others interested, and has been pivotal in my running successes this year
By the time the nominations are in, I expect Danny to have passed the 100 leads milestone, which is simply phenomenal.

Catherine Elliott 

The Black Sheep group is really Catherine. I know she has support but she drives this sub group of the club, organising events, socials around events and of course the Westmorland weekend. She is hugely supportive to new lambs and gives people the courage to try a type of running that is new and daunting to most flat land (Manchester) runners.

Vicky Thompson

Vicky has done so much for the club since I joined in February. She run leads, she organises events and always communicates what's going on, which is so helpful. I think there's a massive amount of work that she does behind the scenes and want to acknowledge this. 

Hannah Ruth Coates 

Hannah does so much for the club I don't know how she has time to sleep. She's a prominent organiser within the Black Sheep group and also helps co-ordinate Tuesday runs. Above all that she played one of the most instrumental roles in pulling the Chorlton Classic together. She must have spent hours of her time looking at spreadsheets and without her I really don't think the event would have happened. 

Sarah Renshaw

Sarah has contributed so much of her time to ensure that club members are able to run.  As head of the run-leader team and representative on the committee, Sarah has ensured that the smooth-sailing of run group takes places.  Many many hours of her time is taken up in her committee role!

On top of all this, Sarah can often be seen at track training us all to be better runners!

Fiona Roberts

Fiona makes amazing contributions to the club! As part of the run leader team, she has worked had with others to ensure that routes are risk assessed and safe for our runners.  If there is an event that requires Chorlton Runner volunteers, Fiona will not only put her name down, but rope her work colleagues into the effort as well! Last Cross Country season, Fiona would bring the second gazebo to events so that others could keep their belongings dry and have somewhere to shelter – even though she did not run in the race! Absolutely brilliant!

Mo Gill

This year, if you’ve had a hot drink and cake at a Sunday run it is probably due to Mo. He is a great baker who often showcases his talents by bringing goodies with him on a Sunday morning.  When he is at the waterpark, he is a regular for putting his name onto the tea and coffee rota. 

Masha Willemse

Masha is always offering her help and support on a Sunday morning.  In the cold winter months, she consistently put herself forward to provide the teas and coffees for her fellow runners to enjoy after their Sunday run. Without Masha, the social aspect of the winter runs would have fallen away – we are very grateful for the regular effort that she put in. 

Steph Wiseh

Steph has exploded onto the coaching scene this year with a brilliant contribution to hill sessions.  She can often be found shouting words of encouragement at runners as they disappear upwards into Kenworthy woods. Giving up her time on a Wednesday evenings, she is much appreciated by Wednesday runners. 

Chris Raynor

Chris is a valuable asset to the coaching team.  If you’ve been to track on a Friday evening, or prefer to follow other people’s efforts through Facebook, you will have seen that he regularly gives up his Friday evenings to encourage, advise and inspire our runners to do improve. 

Paul Malloy

Paul has been part of the coaching team for years.  He regularly contributes his time on a Friday evening in order to help others improve their running technique.  He is a valued member of the coaching team and we are lucky to have him. 

Helen Stevens

Helen has done so much for the club behind the scenes.  If you are wearing any piece of Chorlton Runner Clothing it is due to Helen’s time and efforts. She gives up so much of her time to support the club, not only through kit support but through membership support too- her expertise on the EA portal has helped the committee to no end!

She is also part of the dynamic duo of coaches that support the 5k improvers at regular coaching sessions tailored specifically to their runners’ needs.  Thank you for everything you have done Helen!

Gary Daniels

Gary has regularly volunteered his time to the club over the last year.  Through supporting at hill rep sessions, he has ensured that, when coaches are taking some well earned time for themselves, the sessions have still been able to take place so that no one misses out.  Thank you for all your hard work Gary.

Jacqueline Perrot

Were your belongings put somewhere safe and dry at Cross Country events? Did you have somewhere to stand out of the wind and the rain?  Then this was probably due to Jac picking up the gazebo from the Bowling Green, transporting it in her car, putting it up when she got to the site, taking it back down again, transporting it back to the Bowling Green.. and repeating at the next event. If you do XC, you could definitely be more like Jac. 

Jane Davies

Jane’s valuable advice and expertise has been appreciated by many members of the running club over the year.  As the mastermind behind the 5k improvers group, she has worked consistently with our less experienced runners to build their running knowledge and work on their running techniques. She has given up so much of her time to coach, on varying nights across the week.  Thank you for all you do Jane. 

Leona Beaumont

Leona spear headed the way for our Chorlton Classic event this year.  She worked her magic on gathering Officials and booking the track- making sure they were available at the SAME TIME.  This, believe me, is no small task!  Without her input, her time, and her efforts, the Classic wouldn’t have happened – thank you Leona! 

Claire Bellis

Claire is one of the most selfless people I know within the club. For someone who struggles with her own battles, she quickly casts them aside to mentor people going through their own troubles as a mental health champion. It doesn’t end there, she gave up most of her Sunday runs to support the C25K group back in May. Given she can’t run on a Tuesday I think this again was very good of her and shouldn’t go unnoticed. She always brings cake on a Sunday and always has a smile for you. She leads, she bakes, she lends a helping hand when needed and most importantly, she listens and if she hasn’t seen you in a while she’ll message you privately to check you’re okay.

Claire Purcell

Claire has been instrumental the year with the organising of the Couch to 5k group. She gave up her time to organise supportive run leaders who could take new runners on their journey to 5k.  Thank you Claire. 

Best newcomer – The Best Newcomer awards recognises those runners who are new (within the last 12 months) to running and Chorlton Runners. They will have shown outstanding potential or progress, dedication and sportsmanship

Matt Shaw.

Matt has brought a huge depth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the club. His advice and dedication to help others improve is inspiring. His coaching at the Turn Moss sessions are invaluable. 
Plus he’s a fantastic runner, winning his 4th Welsh Castles stage in a course record, among other feats. Gold Medal @ The BMAF Championships, Stage winner @ WCR 2019, CR'S Mens 3000M Record holder

Ruth Cousins

For making me and a whole load of other people feel very welcome to the club and joining in with pretty much everything running related! 

As a new member to any club, you really appreciate it when someone goes out of their way to help you settle in; no-one at the club has made more of an effort to make me and a whole bunch of other new members feel welcome than Ruth, since I joined a couple of months ago. This has included helping to set up a Whatsapp group to let new members get to know to each other and regularly organising nights out. Despite only joining a few months ago herself, she has willingly put herself forward to be a run leader and to help out with the administration of club events, such as the Chorlton Classic. On top of this, she lives and breathes running, and seems to enter just about any race she has time to, as well as being very persuasive in getting other people to do the same – for example with next year’s Manchester Marathon!

Mo Gill

Since joining Chorlton Runners as a non-runner in 2018, Mo has gone from strength to strength. He has improved immensely as has been seen by his recent 5k times at the Sale Sizzlers. He's now pushing himself to go longer, entering 10k and half marathons. Although he has been spotted running backwards in a race, Mo’s achieved some great improvements in his times since he joined. For example, he ran his first parkrun in 35’17’’ back on New Year’s Day and at the most recent Sale Sizzler ran a shiny new PB of 26’22’’. After seeing him run the Manchester Mile in 7’43’’ There’s definitely potential for many more PBs if he just talked a little less during races! He's always up for a new challenge (Trailblaster) and marshalling duties (Manchester Marathon) and brings the cakes/cookies to Sunday runs - so important!

Sarah Daniels

Not many people run a sub 30 park run, a 50 km ultra, a half marathon and a PB 10km twice as well as have a go at fell running all in their first year of taking up running. For the first half of the year she even topped the women’s leaderboard of the Chorlton Challenge.
With her First marathon coming up in April, Sarah is really pushing to try her hand at every type of running the club has to offer. 
While she sells herself as a reluctant runner, and can't often attend the Tuesday or Sunday runs due to family commitments, she keeps always keeps her training geared at pushing herself to run faster and stronger. After all no one likes being beaten by their 9 year old...

Frances Liddle

When Frances first joined the club, she finished her first parkrun in 20 or so minutes! She ran really well at the Welsh Castles Relay.  On club runs she run in the7-7:30 group and sometimes sub 7.  She’s a great addition to the club – speedy!

Chrissy Jones and Daryll Duncan 

I would like to nominate these guys as a pair as I feel that it is only right to do so. Since joining the club this year both Chrissy and Daryl have brought a lot of fun, laughter and spirit to the club. They have both overcome stigma in regards to their additional needs and I feel that their energy brings a breath of fresh air to our Tuesday club runs. Running does not come naturally to them both at times, however their passion and enthusiasm for the sport is infectious. They have tried their best with each session they have attended and despite sometimes needing guidance and support they have embraced this, building strong friendships and relationships with other members of the club. I feel that since joining the club they have also helped to open the eyes of other members who initially may have had reservations on the club being able to support club members with additional needs. They do not let these barriers stop them from doing their best and give everything a go. I am personally immensely proud of both of them for how much they have improved with their running and embracing the Tuesday night club runs. It was a great moment to hear that they were awarded with their first club medals. They both come to club in full Chorlton runners kit, wearing the club colours proudly. The people that have taken the time to get to know them will understand the funny and loveable nature that they display and how Chorlton Runners has now become a big and passionate part of their life. The inclusive nature that this has promoted within the club makes me proud and I feel highlights the overall ethos of the club. A club for everyone- regardless of pace or ability.

Naomi Stones

Naomi recently joined the club and has hit the ground running. She represents pretty much everything you’d want in a Chorlton Runner: friendly, great at creating an inclusive social atmosphere, dedicated to learning more and pushing herself on the road, track and trail. Entering a variety of races and setting numerous PB's, Naomi has quickly integrated into Chorlton Runners and it's difficult to believe she has only recently joined.

Anna Ledsham

Anna's enthusiasm as a fairly new runner to the club meant I just had to nominate her for best newcomer. Not only has she been a massive support to me encouraging regular runs and signing up to numerous races, getting stuck in, but she is a keen volunteer in the club and a major team player. She has achieved some great PBs during her short time at the club too. She recently completed her LiRF training and regularly volunteers to run lead on club runs and pace at parkruns too. She is constantly encouraging others and there aren't many people in the club who cannot say how motivated she is, even when times get tough. Anna's determination is inspiring and I nominate her for best newcomer. 

Feet of Endurance – This award honours a runner that has shown exceptional achievement through the completion of half-marathons, marathons, or ultra-events

Stephanie Wise

This wonderfully strong woman recently completed a horrifically named half marathon called The Summer Howler in yellow warning type weather conditions! The fact she didn’t pull out because of the weather alone was one thing but the fact she took part in an incredibly gruelling off road event is another. Her determination is astounding.  Her attitude is infectious and she is a great example of 'this woman can'! No matter the struggles she might face, she always does it with a smile on her face and comes back wanting more! We look forward to seeing what she undertakes next!

Leona Beaumont

Leona Is nominated for smashing two marathon PBs last year: Chicago and then Tokyo (3:12:49)  She recently broke her own 20 mile PB in 2hours and 29 minutes!

Gemma Larkin

Fantastic PB at NY marathon, followed by an ultra just a week later. Incredible

Chris Ward

1st in a marathon and then 1st in a 6hr race the following day! 

Ian Sharpe

Every time I check in on Strava Ian’s runs never cease to amaze me. For example, on April 7th 2019, numerous members of the club ran the Manchester Marathon, however Ian wasn’t one of those runners, instead he went and ran a 27 mile looning run around the course. If that wasn’t crackers enough, Ian then went and ran an ultra’s worth of mileage every day for the next 5 days! Feats like this aren’t uncommon to Ian who will regularly race multiple times in a week both on the hills and on road or go off on an exciting adventure of his own. Notable recent examples include running the stunning Serra Amarela Sky Marathon, which had around 9,000ft of elevation. Then, not even 2 weeks later, Ian set off to tackle the 186 mile Pembrokeshire Coastal Trail and wild camped along the way! If that isn’t worthy of Chorlton’s Feet of Endurance award, I don’t know what is! Keep on adventuring Ian

Lorraine Pang

Cos she’s run a hell of a lot of miles (don’t know how many though!

Nathan Rae

Nathan has done an amazing job in running ultras this year, including setting a new club record for running the furthest in 24 hours (of the men!). I also want to acknowledge him for his creation of the 2019 HeartMcrRun GPS Artwork which was created and done in memory of the Manchester bombings. What an amazing and special achievement. Alongside this Nathan has been one of the group founding the ‘First Ultra’ Facebook page and events that have helped several people reach goals they might not have thought possible.

Sam Hartley & Francis Wooff 

Ideally I'd like to nominate Francis and Sam together for their phenomenal race of the Old County Tops fell race which has brutal cut offs which they met and finished in a great time. There are not many runners in the club that could have managed this race, they are a true testament to the ethos of the Black Sheep.

Most Improved runner – This award honours a runner that has shown great improvement since their time with us

Andrew Makinson

Andrew has continued to push himself and get faster and stronger with his running. He's also tried to do this whilst encouraging others to run

Tollo Talib

I first met Tollo on one of the Manchester Marathon training runs and I think it was fair to say he wasn’t finding it easy! Flash forward a few months and not only did he finish the marathon in a very respectable time of 4 hours 28 minutes and 47 seconds, he’s gone on to recently run one of the Sale Sizzlers in 21’09’’! He’s a perfect example that hard work and training pays off and the way he documents his journey on social media is inspiring. In training for Manchester Marathon he ran a half in February in 2 hours 7 minutes and 45 seconds, just 3 months in May later he completed the Simply Health Manchester Half in 1 hour 44 minutes and 1 second. A fantastic PB knocking over 23 minutes off his previous effort! I know Tollo is currently training for Chester Marathon in October and I would be happy to put bets on him smashing his marathon time too!

Madeleine Dickson

Improved very quickly at the beginning of the year on her 5k times and then went from strength to strength in fell races.

Mo Gill

As a relatively new runner Mo has jumped feet first into Chorlton Runners and the wider running community!
Like a lot of us, he wanted to get fitter and lose some weight and took the tentative steps into racing and club running. 
At the start of the summer he was running 32+ for a 5K - by the end of Sale Sizzlers he'd hit 26:20! He's gone from running the Jackson's Boat route to 10 miles+ on a Sunday, covered 50k at Trailblaster and is now training for two half-marathons. He’s also stopped wearing footy shorts and bought some proper running ones! His dedication and enjoyment are infectious. He’s a sponge for all the running advice sent his way and is determined to improve his running - you can tell when he is working hard, he finally stops taking!
He is a vital part of the CR and parkrun spirit – often volunteering, always encouraging others, and is even run leading already.
It’s brilliant to watch someone on such a steep upward trajectory love every step of it! Also he bakes a lot! 

Dave Murray

Dave was one of the first people I met at Chorlton Runners and became my first coach during his 5k improvers runs (back when I thought a club run was dicking about playing tick in Longford Park rather than 20 arduous miles to Sale and back!). As a running club newbie Dave really helped me improve my consistency and training. And I think in doing that for others Dave sacrificed a lot of his own training. Two years on from me cruising past him at Sizzlers, Dave has spent all of 2019 chipping away at his 5k times, finally cracking that elusive 19.59! But he’s not stopped there – parkrun times are still coming down and at Sizzlers he smashed them. This is no quick fix – he’s put in hundreds and hundreds of miles on those Stockport hills and really dedicated whole aspects of his life to achieving this (he’s even given up crisps!). Along with his 5k PBs this year has also seen him PB in the mile, 10k, half marathon and 5 miles. It's an amazing testament to his hardwork and dedication and is really inspiring (he didn’t get to cruise past me because he was too far ahead already).
From someone struggling to get to sub 7’s in a 5k – Dave is now a fully-fledged sub 20 runner. This time next year I expect to be taking about him smashing a sub 19! 

Naomi Stones 

Naomi moved here less than a year ago (wouldn't know the exact time, sorry), she did her first run with chorlton runners in the 9-10mm group on a Sunday when I was leading and I remember she was a bit hesitant about the pace.. You can see her improvement especially on Tuesdays where she's moved from the 9-10mm groups to 8.40 to 8.20 and now 8's, smashing out PBs at the Sale Sizzlers and Alderley Edge 10k in the meantime and now building up mileage by doing the longer Sunday runs at a faster pace too, getting comfortable with a 9mm average. Naomi shows a contagious enthusiasm for running, but also for all social aspects of the club which is very nice :) 

Ann Carney

I would like to nominate Ann for Most Improved Runner as Ann has been working really hard this year on improving her times. Not only in terms of her training but also working outside of this integrating strength and conditioning – with lots of support from her daughter. She is a regular at track and always gives her all. Her dedication and determination are inspirational and have been rewarded with personal bests. As a founding member of the club and as someone who is well known and loved within the club it is great to see Ann doing so well and I look forward to seeing what she does next. 

Vicky Thompson

Running sub 4 hours at after gradually improving times over past few years. So much determination and hard work to get this amazing time. Always willing to share her knowledge and experience to support other runners too.

Lauren Bailey

Lauren went from not being about to run 5k, to a sub 90 min Stockport 10 in 6 months, then a sub 2 hour half a few months later. Lauren is now leading regularly and pacing parkrun and races.

Alex Buckley

Alex has gone from strength to strength this last year with her running and it has been amazing to watch. Probably the only person I know who turned up for marathon training long runs with no intention at the time of running one!! Thankfully with a little encouragement she entered and smashed her first marathon, making it look easy in the process. Alex is always very humble with her running and massively underestimates just how good she is but hopefully this incredible year will give her the confidence to go on to smash all of her PBs again in the coming year.

Daniel Vasey

Daniel has put every effort into improving his running this year, from the miles he puts in each week to incorporating a variety of speed sessions and taking part in numerous running events. He has reaped the benefits by achieving multiple PBs including a sub 36 minute 10k in July and a sub 17 minute 5k in June this year and a sub 80 minute half marathon at this year's Chester Half (which is why I have nominated him for two awards). After stepping in for another runner on the mountain stage 16 at this year's Welsh Castles Relay he really demonstrated just how strong he is becoming as a runner and a team player in the club. As someone who sees how much determination and passion he has for running, I just had to nominate him. 

Masha Willemse

Masha has improved so much this season! From a 9 to 10 mm to sub 8 in the space of a year! Wow!

All the PBs – This runner will have stacked up an impressive number of Personal Bests throughout the year. A Personal Best relates to a comparison of an individual’s personal running times

Jacqueline Perrot

Jacq smashed all her PBs this year by several minutes and has gained her place for NY marathon. A lot of training has gone into it. Well done.

Steven Curley

Steve has really started to fulfil his massive potential this year. He's not only knocked down a range of his own PBs but he's broken club records at 5k, parkrun, and 3000m while he was at it. Steve revels in the competition he gets from local rivals but also in particular from his club mates. It's all the more impressive since he spent several months out of running in the last year due to a long term injury. He came back stronger and faster than ever. 

Alex Buckley

Since joining the club, Alex has gone from strength to strength, racking up an impressive number of PBs and also finding the time to help others get their own PBs by pacing at parkrun. She gave an outstanding performance representing the club at Welsh Castles, and I'm sure she'll soon be on a sub 40min 10k...

Masha Willemse

Masha has consistently improved over a variety of distances from 2018/2019 and also regularly Run leads for the club – Out of the 16 races on the Run Britain website 15 of them have been PB’s! Since joining Chorlton Runners, Masha has strived to (and succeeded at!) setting herself numerous PBs at distances of a mile to half marathon. From running with her in numerous training sessions, I know how much effort she has put in to achieving these times. A big fan of speed work and interval training it’s no surprise that the PBs have been coming in thick and fast, culminating in an impressive 5K PB at the last Sale Sizzler, 21’17’’. What makes it even more impressive is that last December she struggled to run sub 50 in a 10K race, and she now manages that pace comfortably on a Tuesday night! 

Ben McCormack

Ben is hitting PBs left right and centre.  He has recently achieved a 5k PB (16:14) as well as new PB (2:40:54) on his marathon time! He is also running great times at Cross Country too!  

Rob Lee

Rob has hit massive milestones for 5k, 10k etc since last Summer. He’s less prominent than some of the club but deserves recognition.

Dave Murray

David Paul Bartholomew Murray (appropriately known throughout the club as Dave ‘PB’ Murray) has devoted years to helping other members of the club achieve their goals through regular run leading and initiatives such as the famed 2017 Speed Improvers Group. In 2019, he finally turned his enthusiasm for running improvement upon himself: with spectacular results. In April, Dave picked up a 10k PB at Mad Dog with a time of 44:54, beating his previous 10k PB by 1 minute 59 seconds. In May, at Chester, he ran 98:21 for a Half Marathon (taking 8:41 from his previous best) and he knocked 15 seconds off his mile PB by running 5:42 at June’s Manchester Mile. Dave’s relentless accumulation of PBs in 2019 has been most prominent at parkrun. He broke his overall parkrun PB in February, again in April, AGAIN in May, AGAIN! in June, and AGAIN!!! in July. His time of 19:53 at South Manchester parkrun in July was 1:31 faster than his parkrun PB had been at the start of the year. Dave’s best Sale Sizzler of this year (19:39) was, as you can probably guess by now, a new 5k PB (1:57 faster than his previous best). As a prominent and longstanding club runner, Dave’s success in 2019 is especially impressive as he is repeatedly demolishing times he set over years of consistent and committed running. In the time it took you to read this, Dave almost certainly ran some other new PB.
*all times accurate according to Power of 10

Andy Haney 

Off the back of an incredible year there appears to be no slowing this man! Andy shows that when you work hard and train consistently you can keep get the results. Another impressive year of PBs all the more inspiring when you remember that his journey began with couch to 5k not that many years ago. 

Ann Carney

Ann has stacked up a number of PBs this year, including her marathon and a 5km PB! She is determined to keep going and is super inspirational and encouraging of others to do the same! I'm excited for where she's going! 

Masha Willemse

Masha has consistently improved and PB'd throughout the season 

Jonny Lancaster 

He works so hard all the time to better his performance and to see the photos of his face when he got on the podium was priceless! Also for pushing himself outside his comfort zone and running an amazing distance at this years thunder run! I’m sure there are many other races I’ve missed listing and increased times at varying parkruns too! Keep up the good work fella!!!

Daniel Vasey

Daniel has achieved a number of PBs this year including a sub 36 minute 10k at the Aldereley Edge Bypass run in July 2019, a sub 17 minute 5k at the City of Manchester 5k in June 2019 and a sub 80 minute half marathon at Chester Half Marathon in May 2019, all achieved within months. Furthermore, he ran 4:41:0 at this year's Chorlton Classic; a 1500m PB. He has worked so hard and continues to do so fuelled by his passion for running and support of Chorlton Runners. 

Jo Hill

Jo running has been phenomenal this year! She has of gone from strength to strength and has achieved a PB in every race she has entered this year! Her achievements are an inspiration to many of us. Looking forward to seeing her achieve more PBs this year!