The ideal way to develop run speed is with a combination of strength work, speed work and hill reps! 

All levels welcome… it’s not about speed or distance!

Summer Hill Reps (March to October)

In Summer we reside in Chorlton Water Park/Kenworthy Woods. We meet every Wednesday as the car park @ Chorlton Water Park, bottom of Maitland Avenue, M21 7WH, at 6:30.pm and also 9am (but check Facebook group for details of these morning runs)

Winter Hill Reps (October to March)

As the night gets darker Hill Reps moves to our winter location on Mauldeth Road West. We meet outside Sai Spice on Mauldeth Road, M21 7SP, at 6:30pm. Morning hill reps still take place at Kenworthy Woods but please get the Facebook group for details.

All CRs and all levels welcome…it’s not about speed or distance! (and you don’t have to be affiliated)

Make sure you do a warm-up jog/run before you arrive. The session will consist of a warm up lap of the water park, drills, followed by hill reps in Kenworthy Words and finish with stretches. Look out for the post on the Facebook group each week. If you want to join the group click here


Here are some good tips on hill training: